Vegan Recipes for Beginners

Vegan Party Recipes Your Guests Will Beg For


Sometimes there is cause for celebration! A graduation, a birthday, an achievement reached. Or, just because you’re worth it 😉

Can you really make vegan party food?

Sure you can! There are plenty of great vegan party recipes. Just because you have chosen to stay away from ingredients that have their origin in the animal kingdom doesn’t mean that you can’t make absolutely gorgeous dishes that will satisfy even the most confirmed meat eater. Believe you me!



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      Relevant question, for sure 🙂 The site has not been worked on for some time, but we will get back to it shortly. Thank you for visiting and commenting!

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      Hi Catherine! I’m happy to hear that your grand-daughter has made this healthy and ethical choice for herself! A vegan diet is not difficult or hard in any way, as long as you make sure to eat a variety of beans, lentils, grains, seeds, and nuts as well as vegetables. Even potatoes contain proteins! Don’t forget to add good fats like coconut oil (a very healthy fat, and very useful in the kitchen) and other virgin vegetable oils. Make sure she eats vitamin B12 as a supplement, since that is the only vitamin that you cannot get with a vegan diet and it is essential for your health. Also remember that as a vegan you have to eat larger volumes of food, since it is less nutrient- and energy dense than meat. And please note: If she has any kind of medical issues, always discuss with her doctor before changing her diet.

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